Diver Joel Gonzaga of the the Philippine purse seiner 'Vergene' at work using only a single air compressor hose to the surface, in and around a skipjack tuna purse seine net, in the international waters of high seas pocket No1.

Emotion or Commotion. Are you a Neanderthal? Are you Stuck?

The natural state of a human being is not emotional.

But we get worn down and become emotional.

Some people say that emotion is the domain of the feminine. This is not correct. Emotion is the domain of all humans. It is simply expressed or repressed based on cultural norms.

For many men, repressing emotion is a cultural normal. For many women, expressing emotion is a cultural norm.

It’s wise, as an evolutionary human not to be confined by cultural norms. They breed extinction.

Overspecialisation breeds extinction in relationships, business and health. Anything that you do that’s to the exclusion of something else, is overspecialisation, eventually.  Continue reading

I Want Change

I Want Change

We all have a list of things we want to change, sometimes that list is long and sometimes it is short. From the moment we come into this world crying for mother’s milk and warmth we continued to cry for change until we die. In general, the change we want is more of something or less of something else. However, we can also want change in a more desperate situation. Continue reading


How Much Does Age Matter: how turning 50 might impact your lifelong addiction to skiing, climbing, and biking.

Intensity training is one key to maintaining spring-chicken fitness as you age. Illustration by Erin Wilson

Last February, 59-year-old Ned Overend, aka “The Lung,” aka “Deadly Nedly,” won the first National Fatbike Championships, held in Ogden, Utah. Fat Bike Nats isn’t exactly the Tour de France, but it’s no charity ride, either. Overend had to compete against a field of much younger pros, including former national mountain bike champion Travis Brown, 46, on a tough 19-mile course.

It’s tempting to dismiss Overend as a genetic freak, an outlier who defies comparison with the rest of us. He has dominated nearly every sport he’s entered since the early ’90s, from cross-country mountain bike racing to off-road triathlon. But even among the genetically gifted—and many elite athletes are—Overend is unique in his competitive longevity. Which is the reason he’s also one of the dozen or so athletes spotlighted in Joe Friel’s latest book, Fast After 50(Velo Press), part of a growing library devoted to salt-and-pepper chargers past (and occasionally well past) the half-century mark. Continue reading

I don’t think any relationship responds well to pressure

images-4Edward de Bono wrote a great book about hats – in which he defined different thought process for different thinking situations and if you have time to think what thinking you should think before you think what you thought, then I think this book will help thinking think thought better.

But, if you’re like me and are too busy to think what you thought before you thought what you think, you might want to consider a few “nono” ideas. One of which is “pressure causes relationships to fail.”

100% of the time.

You might think pressure squeezes solutions out. Or pressure changes people. Or pressure solves problems. These days pressure is just another word for passive aggression or, before that phrase was invented, just plain nastiness.

Being nasty, is a part of us all but when we think it’s going to cause a nice result, we are seriously deluded. No relationship thrives on pressure.

Two faces

There are two reasons for being two faced:

First is out of respect for the sensitivities and judgements of others.

Second is out of shame.

The second one causes exhaustion, depression, fatigue, anger, violence, emotional breakdown, poor leadership, offensive smell, bowel trouble, gingivitis, herpes, baldness and flatulence, incontinence, impotence, acne, and sore throat.

You don’t need to blurt the gory details of your past all over the Internet. But the reason you don’t do it can’t be healthy if it’s because of embarrassment or shame.

If you are holding onto some unfinished business – listen to my Soundcloud audio today.

Fat? Wanna be Slimmer?

Carbs make you fat. But not all cabs are bad.

Bad Carbs:
Pasta, bread, cake, potato, sugar, chocolate, alcohol (including wine and spirits), dairy, and worst of all fruit juice.

Good carbs:
Fish, meat, egg, green vegetables, water, love, chewing.

Hidden Carbs:
All food that comes pre heated is carb high bad.
All so called “healthy cereal” is super bad
All food pre packed in wrapper is carb rich even when label says low carb, low sugar. It’s not

So if ur fat and complaining and you eat bad carbs please don’t think exercise will help – Sent from my iPhone