What We Try to Create in Separation From Nature has no Stability

There are Human Laws for Managing Communities. And there are nature’s laws for managing the universe, our consciousness and evolution. Mixing the two, we get “the world as we know it.”

All human laws are created to organise communities, therefore, they manage the Ego. We all have ego and certainly, the stronger our ego, the less happy it is about being controlled. So, the strongest laws, the most rigid religious fundamentalism and custom, is always found when EGO‘s are strongest. Like nature, the most violent places are for the most unconscious.

Therefore human law is wonderful. Without it, we would be in turmoil. Without human law, we would be unable to organise ourselves. It would not be safe. Human law is therefore EGO law and all EGO law is created from fear. Human law is a good measure of our FIT in society.

Nature’s Law is universal law and therefore it is not always the best law of moral and ethical organisation. It leaves too much unsaid. But Nature’s Law is the only law by which you can get a fair evaluation of your self-worth.

If you measure yourself against EGO law, there will be compliance issues. You will want to comply with those fear based laws, but that will leave a half of your personality, either hidden in shame or hidden from view. This automatically separates you from balance and nature.

Human law is the first separation from nature. It divides life into good and evil, then pleasure and pain, then self and other and finally masculine and feminine. Those separations are fictitious and, like those who object to gay marriage for example, are fear driven and have no foundation in nature.

That all human suffering comes from our separation from nature is not, at first obvious. But it can be found in the roots of imbalance. Emotion for example, is an imbalanced thought. Emotions are linked to illness (Candice Pert – Molecules of Emotion).

The Eastern science of medicine boils down to two words: Excess and Deficiency. In other words, imbalances.

Just recognising that there are human laws that are based on perfecting imbalance and there are nature’s laws that are based on balance must give you a great relief. If you comply with one, you’ll be seen to be non compliant with the other. It’s sort of a wrestle between the co-ordinates that create social acceptance and goodness at a moral level and consciousness which is about trusting that there are actually two sides to everything.

It’s where Metaphysics and Religion clash head on. Usually, a mid life crisis intersects at the same point. Where EGO drive starts to fail in it’s ability to “make safe” ventures into global participation. The choice most people are given at this time is shrink and be safe or expand and be inspired. The inspiration route cannot be followed by those seeking to comply with human law as their guiding light for self consciousness. It’s just too lopsided.

Nature has two sides. We are a part of nature. So are our business’ and our relationships. Sometimes our relationships start on EGO (lust and attraction) but they can’t be sustained with such half models of reality. Eventually, even a business or relationship needs to switch from human law of lopsided intelligence to balance, nature’s law.

What we try to create in separation from nature has no stability

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